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Social Media Takeovers In Indian Country

Social Media Takeovers are a great way to engage audiences and diversify interests. If done well they are super fun. More organizations and businesses are taking advantage of this digital strategy, especially in Indian Country. And why not? We have cool people, in cool places, doing amazing things. If you have connections with a Native social media influencer and they having compelling stories to share, it's a great way to grow and educate audiences. I saw this post yesterday from Indian Country Today and it immediately caught my attention. I was viewing the IG stories this morning and enjoyed Miss Tom's takeover. Good job Goldenone. I'll be following Miss Goldie Tom and will definitely be paying attention to all the Native designers in Paris this week. I love seeing ourselves represented at these stages. And who doesn't love fashion? Gorgeous items I tell ya.

#Repost @indiancountrytoday ・・・Tuesday, Feb. 26 📲 Goldie Tom, Diné and hair & makeup artist, will be taking over Indian Country Today’s Instagram to give you a glimpse of her Paris adventures. She is out there for Indigenous Fashion Week. So watch our story! 🕧 Paris is 6 hours ahead of the east coast. #Indigenous #Diné #Navajo #NativeFashion#IndigenousFashionWeek

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