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My first post about Native Chefs

#FBF 2015

Native American Aboriginal Chefs kick butt in the kitchen and the way they handle business online. They also educate and bring attention to Indigenous food systems and concepts. Farm to table movement, Sea to table, now that's #Indigenous. #IndigenousCuisine #NativeFoods #Represent Social Media Chefs on Twitter & Instagram: - Chef Nephi Craig @ChefNephiCraig - Chef Sean Sherman @Siouxchef74 @the_sioux_chef - Chef Rich Francis @Gwichinchef - Chef Ian Gladue @NativeDelights

- Chef Louis Ellen Frank @red_mesa_cuisine (Instagram) Photos are from the Chefs' Instagram accounts except Chef Ian, I took that while I was in Alberta.

Feb. 2019

A few Native Chefs to follow on social media and to pay attention to: @the_sioux_chef @ChefNephiCraig @seventhfire #LoisEllenFrank #RoxanneSwentzell.

All are about the Food Movement and teaching about Indigenous Foods. #foodsystems #foodsovereignty #indigenousfoods


Chef Frank is not regularly on the socials, but has FB, IG, and a website. She works and co-owns Red Mesa Cuisine with Chef Walter White Whitewater.

Roxanne Swentzell artist and farmer is building her platforms (FB and IG)and has a website in addition to an amazing cook book entitled, 'The Pueblo Food Experience'.

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