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The Work

Parrish Digital is a digital organizing and multi-media strategy company. We help tribal organizations, businesses, and nonprofits communicate their stories and brands to reach larger and more diverse audiences.

"Stories help organize, engage, and mobilize communities." - Jaynie Parrish

  • Denise Juneau Campaign

  • Native Governance Center

  • University of Buffalo School of Social Work Second Annual Symposium

  • Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council

  • FNX Native Election Night

  • Great Plains Tribal Leaders Summit

  • Native American Development Corporation

  • KNBA Radio

  • Navajo County Democrats

  • Northeast Arizona Native Democrats

In-Kind Services

Parrish Digital has been privileged to extend generous time and in-kind services to the following outstanding community service organizations.

  • Navajo Nation Museum

  • Annual First Alaskans Institute Elders & Youth Conference

  • Native Youth Olympics Alaska

  • University of North Dakota American Indian Studies and Student Services

  • Center of Native American Youth

  • Native Democrats

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Our Story

Parrish Digital was created while I was helping several tribal and non-tribal organizations create and implement online/offline community organizing initiatives and advocacy campaigns. I provided organizing, planning, coordinating, marketing, and media skills to a number of organizations throughout the years. I knew I could turn these skills into a successful business.

About: Team
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Jaynie Parrish

Founder and Digital Organizer

Jaynie Parrish is a citizen of the Navajo Nation.


Dibé łízhiní nishłí                    Blacksheep Clan

Áshiihí báshíshchíín               Salt Clan

Naakaii Dine’é dashicheii    Mexican Clan

Tódích’íi’nii dashinálí           Bitter Water Clan

Jaynie Parrish founded Parrish Digital in 2016 and is an alumna of Arizona State University and Harvard Kennedy School.

As a community and digital organizer Jaynie has worked to increase the number of Native American candidates and Native American voter turnout. Parrish worked in 2016 to craft a social media message for congressional candidate Denise Juneau. In 2012, she led the first ever Native American Get Out the Vote initiative for Rock the Vote. From 2009-2010, Ms. Parrish was named a Harvard Administrative Fellow and worked with the Harvard Honoring Nations Program. In the spring of 2011, Ms. Parrish was named a Regional Finalist for the White House Fellows Program and was also awarded the Deborah Carsten’s Grant for her research entitled Navajo Women in a Cultural and Intergenerational Context.

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