My Story

The thought of starting my own business and becoming an entrepreneur was terrifying, but I soon realized it was the logical next step in my journey. The idea of Parrish Digital was born in 2015, while I was helping ITS create and implement their health and wellness initiatives and campaigns. I knew a good portion of this effort meant improving online communication and direct outreach with the communities they served. This became an essential piece to all of the initiatives and created and manage a variety of online platforms that successfully integrated offline and online strategies. 

I was providing organizing, planning, coordinating, marketing, and media skills to a number of organizations throughout the years and I knew I could turn these skills into a successful business. I am passionate about helping tribes, organizations, and businesses tell their own stories. Stories help organize, engage, and mobilize communities. However, I also understood to tell those stories effectively many groups were limited on staff, time, and skills. This is where I knew I could fill that gap and provide services. I also began teaching and training staff so they could pick up where I left off. I develop customized online strategies, create digital content, provide trainings, and manage social media marketing and messaging.


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Jaynie Parrish (Navajo Nation) is Founder of Parrish Digital, a social media enterprise specializing in creating, maintaining, and expanding social media content for tribes, organizations, and businesses.

Ms. Parrish has conducted social media trainings and workshops with the Native Governance Center, Trahant Reports, United National Indian Tribal Youth, Great Plains Tribal Leaders Summit, Kohanic Broadcasting, University of Buffalo School of Social Work, and Navajo Nation Museum. Ms. Parrish is also an Instructor at the University of North Dakota American Indian Studies Department. She is an alumna of Arizona State University and Harvard Kennedy School.

During the 2016 election year, she worked with the American Indians For Denise Juneau campaign maintaining and creating social media content and coverage. In 2012, she led the first ever Native American Get Out the Vote initiative for Rock the Vote which led to her first experiences utilizing social media platforms for issue advocacy and marketing campaigns. She also directly manages social media content for clients.

From 2004 to 2009, Jaynie served in the President’s Office at Arizona State University advocating on behalf of tribes. She was recruited by President Peterson Zah to help create a model frame-work of effective educational policy which utilized university systems as mechanisms for tribal civic improvement. Ms. Parrish has also worked with Inter Tribal Sports, National Indian Gaming Association, Harvard Honoring Nations, Navajo Nation Washington Office, NPR’s Next Generation Radio, and The Heard Museum.


I’m Jaynie Parrish, citizen of the Navajo Nation from the Window Rock and Kayenta communities. 

My clans are

-  Dibé łízhiní nishłí (Mother) Blacksheep Clan

-  Áshiihí báshíshchíín (Father) Salt Clan

-  Naakaii Dine’é dashicheii (Maternal Grandfather) Mexican Clan

-  Tódích’íi’nii dashinálí (Paternal Grandfather) Bitter Water Clan